The nose knows when the time has come to call Cooke’s Environmental Services to have a discussion about septic tank installation and repair, or drain field installation and repair.  Florida is particularly hard on septic systems, and the time to update your aging system may be at hand.

Cooke’s Environmental Services has over a half century of experience in both septic tank installation and repair, and drain field installation and repair.  They have adopted 21st century technology, to insure that every septic tank installation and repair they complete will perform efficiently.

The question of whether to repair or replace your septic system will undoubtedly come up.  Obviously, the cost variation between septic tank installation and repair can be considerable.  The professionals at Cooke’s will give an honest opinion about your problem.  It may be that your aging septic tank needs to be pumped clean.  It could also indicate that the tank is in serviceable condition, but the problem is in the drain field.  If the drain field is clogged, Cooke’s Environmental Services may recommend the application of their Terralift process, where pressurized air is blown into the septic field, to open the clogged drains.

If the Terralift process does not clear the drains, or is not an appropriate approach, it may be time for a complete drain field installation or repair.  When the time comes for a new drain field installation or repair, Cooke’s offers the very latest and longest-lasting, technologically advanced system.  New installations are fitted with plastic drain field chambers from Infiltrator Systems, Inc.®, which are more cost effective, and take up less space than traditional pipe and stone septic fields.

Call Cooke’s Environmental Services at the first sign of trouble, or if you are planning new construction or updates to your existing system.  Remember Cooke’s for septic tank installation and repair, and for drain field installation and repair as well.  For more information about our full service septic and drain services, please refer to our web site at, or call us at (877) 287-0651. Cooke’s serves the entire Treasure Coast area.